Soy Fiber is an exceptional, delightful tasting dietary supplement derived from the fibrous cell wall and protein-rich soybean cotyledon. This fusion of fiber and protein endows the product with superior water absorption and moisture regulation traits. It's crafted from Non-GMO soybeans via an organic-approved process.

Wheat gluten, a food product, is sourced directly from gluten, wheat's central protein. The creation process entails rinsing wheat flour dough under water until all the starch particles are eliminated. This process results in sticky, insoluble gluten, forming an elastic substance. This material is then prepared to be consumed.

A type of protein that comes from soybean is soy protein. This is created by modifying soybean meal, which has been removed of hull and fat. Once these processes are complete, the soybeans become the base for three different types of commercial products that are rich in protein: soy flour, concentrates, and isolates.